My journey to the Masterson Method® began when looking for a way to help my retired horse feel more comfortable after an old injury left his knee calcifying, leading to compensation and restricting his range of motion. My vet suggested that I research equine bodywork to help him with the compensation he was experiencing. I jumped at the chance to help my horse and became certified in an alternative equine bodywork modality. Soon, I began searching for more information and tools to help my horse. My research brought me to the Masterson Method®. This modality improved my levels of communication by listening to the subtle ways horses communicate where they are carrying tension and restriction in their bodies.

As I worked with my horse, I noticed other horses around me were becoming a part of our bodywork sessions by releasing from afar. I knew then that I wanted to share this beautiful modality with as many horses as I could.

I continue my education on all things horse through researching, attending clinics, and taking online courses to bring my best to each horse I have the privilege to work with. It brings me joy to help facilitate the conversation between horses and their owners, be a part of the horses’ wellness team, improve their performance and be an advocate for the incredible athletes they are.

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Los Angeles, California, United States