Amy Kerrigan is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner who has loved horses for as long as she can remember.  From watching “The Black Stallion”, to riding lessons, to summer long horse camps in childhood, Amy spent as much time as she could with horses.  It wasn’t until she was an adult, however, that she was fortunate enough to own and partner with two beautiful Arabians in the sports of ride-and-tie and endurance riding.

It was out of her deep love for Tye and Basha that her journey into equine care began.  As an ultrarunner herself, Amy knew the debilitating consequences of uncared for tension and restriction in the body.  So she sought to understand and manage both the emotional and physical needs of her equine athletes.  

Her journey began with an Equine Massage certification followed by an Equine Equinology Bodyworker certification.  Still feeling that something was missing, Amy attended a weekend workshop on the Masterson Method®.  THIS was the missing link.  She discovered that horses could “talk” if only we could learn to listen.  After that initial workshop, Amy committed herself to finishing the 426 hours to become a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner.  

Now as an MMCP, Amy strives to work with horses instead of simply on horses. She listens to what each individual has to say because whether horses perform in an arena, a trail, or just live in a pasture, being alive means their body is in use and can experience tension and restriction.  By listening, staying below the brace response, and working with the nervous system to reduce tension and restriction, it is Amy’s goal to make every equine body she works with feel and move at least a little bit better.

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