Jen’s horsey life started on a small farm in Kansas, where she had “occasional” horses. Early riding instruction was a halter and “if you can catch it, you can ride it…. until you fall off.” But the bug had bitten, although more riding had to wait until the income from a career in analytical chemistry made real lessons (and trained horses) possible.

During a career break, she worked for a hunter/jumper trainer, and became interested in equine massage, but didn’t have time to pursue anything but books until the chemistry career ended. Then a chance acquaintance put up a picture of a horse yawning next to one she was working on. The question “what in the world are you doing?” was answered with “Masterson bodywork!”

Fascinated, she bought the book. Tried it and couldn’t believe the responses, and now life has come full circle. It’s taken a year of classes and coaching, owners and their horses, but now rather than wondering why a horse is cranky, or won’t change leads, or some other discomfort, Jennifer can ask the horse what’s going on.

The techniques learned in quiet communication with the horse will always tell you what might be or might become a problem. Horses never lie, but sometimes we have a hard time hearing. Jennifer is so grateful to Jim Masterson and all the great instructors for teaching how to ask, and to listen, and she looks forward to helping horses and riders be better partners.

Jennifer travels frequently to New Mexico and is available for bodywork sessions in Northern NM (Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque) as well.

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