Natalie’s Masterson Method® journey began in a barn in Redmond, WA.  It was a cold, wet, winter morning – both Natalie and Mocha were unenthused to saddle up for a lesson but wanted to do some sort of work.  Natalie’s riding instructor introduced them to The Masterson Method® – she began to do the Bladder Meridian on Mocha.  The results were astonishing – Natalie went home and ordered the book and DVD.

But teaching college music kept Natalie really busy, and it was May before she had the time to sit down, focus and learn some of the techniques.  Once she got started, that was it!  Mocha became her “guinea horse” and together, they worked through the book and DVD.  Natalie knew taking a course was the way to go, but none were offered anywhere close in Washington State, so she watched videos, laughed at Jim’s sense of humor and kept her eye on the website.

In March of 2018, Mocha ended up with a bad suspensory injury and was on stall rest.  Frustrated and worried, Natalie found that the Masterson Method® was a balm for both horse and human – it gave Mocha a chance to release tension while dealing with his leg, and it made Natalie feel better because she was doing SOMETHING to care for him.  And one day, she saw a Weekend Seminar listed on the website in Cle Elem, Washington – a 90-minute drive from her home!  She registered and was the 11th out of 12 participants to sign up.  And it was a great weekend – solidifying that she was doing it right, and it was the right thing to be doing!  When she got home and did the Bladder Meridian with a new sense of awareness and attention, Mocha started yawning immediately.

Of course, things “stalled” a bit in 2020 – between Covid and a broken clavicle – but teaching from home meant more time for horses and she was very creative with ways to do techniques left-handed!

While on sabbatical in 2021, Natalie had the opportunity to apply for and be hired by The Masterson Method team.  Working behind the scenes, completing her certification, working with horses at local barns, singing with her vocal partner and teaching voice/music makes for a busy life.  At least she can’t complain that she’s bored!

Natalie has found that singing and horsemanship have many similarities.  Understanding how singers use their entire being to communicate has informed her work with horses using MM.  When she focuses on the horse, trusts her instincts and communicates through touch, breath, “feel” and timing…the journey has begun!  Thank you, MM team – keep blinking!

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