Working with horses and benefiting horse-human relationships has been a passion of mine for many decades.  Over the last 10 years I have been running my mobile equine bodywork practice throughout northern New Mexico, and I continue to enjoy working with so many amazing horses and horse people of every conceivable background and discipline.

Formerly a soil scientist focused on healing the land; in 2006 I began my career shift to studying and practicing bodywork modalities geared towards stimulating the body’s self -healing abilities without using force.  My studies were initially driven by a desire to help my own horses with physical, health and emotional issues where traditional medicine could not find a solution.  I found profound and lasting results for horses (and humans!) using Ortho-Bionomy® and Equine Positional Release, which are Osteopathy-based modalities that work with the body’s ability to self-correct.  The basic principle is simple – to move the body away from pain using comfortable positioning, such that the body is able to understand its pattern or condition and self-correction can occur.  After years of study I completed my EPR Practitioner Certification in 2012 and also became a Registered Practitioner of Human and Equine Ortho-Bionomy®.

I heard about the Masterson Method® in 2015 and was immediately drawn to the interactive nature of the work and the focus on lightness and engaging with the horse.  It seemed the perfect complement to my practice and I signed up to complete the practitioner training.  I became a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner in 2019 and use the work in my practice almost daily.  I continue to be impressed with the results and ability of the work to relieve pain and tension patterns, as well as promoting an environment of trust and safety for the horse.  The possibilities for change become endless when horses are allowed to enter into a dialogue for where and how to work with them.

As a Certified Instructor of Equine Positional Release, I also teach EPR classes and workshops in various areas throughout the U.S.  My equine sessions and classes are geared towards ensuring the horse feels safe, building cooperative horse/human relationships, and helping the horse achieve a greater state of well-being, ease and function.

My mobile equine and human practice, Primo Motion Bodywork, serves Northern and Central New Mexico, as well as the occasional trip to Southern Colorado.


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