My name is Victoria Warman originally from Versailles, France. I come from a family passionate about horses. Since an early age I was introduced into the horse world. At the age of 3, I set foot in my first stirrup. Ever since then I have been a show jumping rider totaling over 25 years. With primary interest with sport horses, I was lucky enough to have been invited behind the scenes to many beautiful competition grounds and racetracks such as Deauville, Longchamps, and Chantilly. Early on during competition, I became accustomed to the intensity involved with horse training management such as the physical and emotional well-being of the horse.

Fascinated by the anatomy and mechanics, I looked for natural healing techniques to reduce muscle fatigue, improve recovery, release recent and older tensions, and allow the horse to regain good momentum and amplitude of movement.  For me, it is clear that elite performance cannot exist without increased attention to the welfare of the horse taken in its entirety.

It was in 2018 in Normandy, famous land of horse breeding, that I started learning equine massage as a professional practice.  It was an opportunity for me to work with horses from various backgrounds such as race, jumping, dressage, and retirees while distinguishing recurring muscle tensions depending on their frequent activity. After discussion with colleagues and some research, I was advised to look into The Masterson Method®.  First, I started to practice simple techniques of the method with my show jumping horse, Cyprio– a 9 year-old Warmblood Holsteiner, son of Casal for connoisseurs 😉 with a strong warrior character.  He regularly had high tension at the top of his neck and in his lumbar zone.  Every technique, especially those for the hocks, helped him release the tension throughout his body.  After only a few regular sessions, I was delighted to see that my horse was regaining flexibility in his joints, gaining bounce in his trot, and overall wellness physically and emotionally.

The mind and the body are one.  Everything is linked.  The big bonus; this method has created an even deeper bond of trust and companionship between Cyprio and I. The art of this method lies primarily in the skill of suggestion and observation.  As a relaxation guide, I assist the horse to release on its own, without constraint. Since 2019, I have been a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner. The techniques of this skillset are very precise. It is necessary to follow the rules of the art to acquire beneficial and significant transitions.  During my career as a Masterson practitioner, I have witnessed great success with many years to come.

I can travel to all Hawaiian islands.

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Kauai, Hawaii, United States