My equine experience spans across 40 years; from my first pony and untouched Shetland to my current three, one of whom I have bred.

Throughout these years I have gained valuable experience and knowledge working on a variety of yards of different disciplines, including stud work and handling showjumping and endurance stallions.

I spent 12 years managing a local equestrian shop, where I gained a thorough knowledge of nutrition, feeding, supplements, worming and tack.

Biomechanics and rehabilitation is my passion, whether for a competition horse or family pony; I am always observing how the horse moves and how this impacts patterns of movement or behaviour. I analyze everything and want to know how I can improve these things. The Masterson Method® complements this and has added a new dimension to my work.

Like most horse owners I have had my fair share of rehabbing, both my own and clients’ horses, but I always felt there was something else I could be doing to help the horses alongside the rehabilitation plan and groundwork exercises; this is how I came to certify in the Masterson Method®.

Participating in the weekend seminar, I was lucky enough to have one of my own horses to work on, who at the time was in a rehab program. Being a stoic horse, he had been going through the rehab without complaining, but whilst working alongside his parasympathetic nervous system, it gave me a greater understanding of what areas he was still holding tension in. I went home and tried the techniques on my other horse and was just blown away by his reactions; the change in him not only physically but emotionally have been staggering! His is a very long, complex story, but it’s thanks to both of my boys that I completed the course work and practical training, and became a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP).

I cover Cheshire/ North west and also make regular trips to Anglesey. I am happy to travel further by arrangement.

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