Shelia has always had an admiration for performance horses. She loves riding and showing cutting and reiners. It was during a time when she worked for a cutting trainer that she realized the grueling training program performance horses are expected to endure. She saw many talented athletes fail in the show pen because they were hurting, her horse included. The experience of being a licensed massage therapist, as well as her knowledge gained from working as a Veterinary Assistant for almost 20 years, pointed her in the right direction when she was searching for help for her horse. She knew she wanted something more than “traditional massage” for her mare, and she knew there had to be more than just covering up her horse’s problem with pain medication. It was then Shelia discovered The Masterson Method® and what it can do for Performance Horses. To release the restrictions in a performance horse who is struggling, help him feel better, then to see him perform to his abilities once again…AMAZING! Her list of success stories continues to grow.

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Shirley, Arkansas, United States