My first sentence as a child was about horses. I love everything about them–even the tough ones; they teach us the most. I’ve been around horses all my life. I’ve ridden tons of trails, competed in obstacle rides, some team penning & cattle sorting. I’ve been involved with Thoroughbreds for 37 years, from starting yearlings to racing, breeding/foaling & sales.

I found The Masterson Method while looking for ways to help my American Paint horse, Cody. I started by watching the online Masterson Method videos. This Method just made logical sense to me so I bought the book & video and my journey began. Thank goodness Cody was patient as I learned! My horses now “ask” me to work on specific spots by presenting areas to me.

Through my training and studying, I now look at horses differently. Instead of seeing bad behaviors , I see a horse that’s probably hurting. Since learning the Masterson Method, I can now help horses feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always felt a connection with horses but it’s deeper now and I treasure that connection even more!

I have to say, at the end of the day it’s therapeutic for me also spending quiet time with them just “listening” .
I completed my Certification in February of 2019.

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Chesapeake City, Maryland, United States