Angela has had ‘horse fever’ for as long as she can remember. A native of Vancouver Island, B.C., her grade school years were spent riding, learning as much as she could about everything horse and attending 4H, Pony Club and local competitions where she participated in various disciplines, from Showmanship to Eventing.

A circuitous route through University gave her a background in Animal Science and Dentistry and she’s returned to her first love – horses! She says her real school started at 14 when she read and re-read Alois Podhajsky’s Complete Training of the Horse and Rider. That gave her a foundation and appreciation of absolute respect for the horse. Other role models have been Sally Swift, Jonathan Field, Klaus Hempfling, Gerd Heuschmann, Jec Ballou, and she has remotely participated in Karen Rohlf and Marijke de Jong’s programs. A solid foundation in Philippe Karl’s Ecole de Légèreté piqued her interest in healthy biomechanics and she has since taken several courses including Elisse Miki’s Osteopathy, Jillian Kreinbring’s Functional Anatomy, Celeste Lazaris’ BTMM Master Class and will be honing her natural hoof trimming skills this year at OKSNHC. 

Angela was thrilled when she was introduced to Masterson Method® at a two-day seminar. The benefit of the bodywork, the softness of the techniques but also the gateway to a better understanding and communication with horses, was life changing.  MM helps people dip their toe into the world of horse whispering. It’s not rocket science, there’s nothing magical about it, we just need to shut up and listen for a change and when we have something to say to our sentient friends, we should whisper! Angela enjoys spreading this message by helping horses of all backgrounds and disciplines and empowering both horse and human alike in their pursuit of mutual partnership and trust. 

Angela lives in the Yukon where she shares her space with four legged friends, woofers and BNB guests, gardens, plays with her mare, Grace, and keeps warm in the winter. 


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