From an early age, horses have been a constant in Mylissa’s life. After taking a break from horses in college, her passion was once again renewed when she began to take lessons and volunteer at a barn that focused on horsemanship and balanced seat riding. Over the course of several years, Mylissa’s knowledge and involvement grew until she was working full-time as the Assistant Barn Manager. It was during her time as Assistant Barn Manager that Mylissa’s passion took on a new dimension. As she held horses for countless chiropractic, massage, and bodywork sessions, she discovered a profound love for equine bodywork. Witnessing the relaxation, releases, and overall improvements in the horses she cared for became the highlight of her days.

In 2015, Mylissa and her husband decided to relocate to Northern Vermont to be closer to family. They purchased a horse property, and soon after, Mylissa’s horse Joey made the journey from Seattle to join them. A few years later, Joey began experiencing hind end lameness. Despite multiple vet visits, a definitive cause couldn’t be pinpointed. Upon a friend’s recommendation, Mylissa turned to the Masterson Method for help. After obtaining the book, “Beyond Horse Massage,” she began applying its techniques on Joey, witnessing first hand his releases of tension and newfound relaxation.

Inspired by Joey’s progress, Mylissa decided to deepen her understanding of the Masterson Method®, eventually pursuing certification. As a Masterson Method Certified Equine Practitioner, her goal is simple: to give back to horses by using her knowledge and skills to improve their well-being.

Mylissa’s approach to equine bodywork is characterized by her attention to each horse’s subtle body language and energy. She carefully listens to the horse’s subtle cues and responses, ensuring she stays below their brace response. The Masterson Method’s gentle and intuitive approach allows her to work in harmony with the horse’s nervous system, aiming to alleviate tension and restriction. Her primary focus is always on the horse’s overall well-being, aiming to enhance their comfort and mobility with each session. Mylissa strives to build trust and forge a deeper connection with her equine clients, ultimately facilitating positive change in their lives.

Mylissa just completed Dr. Karen Gellman’s and Dr. Judith Shoemaker’s Postural Rehabilitation Professional six-week on-line intensive on posture and stability for equine professional practitioners.

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