(Montreal, Quebec)

Unlike my colleagues, I was not raised with horses – horses entered my life only in my fourth decade. I finally heard their call. Or they found me. It was meant to be, capturing me body and soul. Years later, when riding became more serious, my thoughts kept gravitating towards the idea of giving back to this magnificent and deserving creature. At the same time, the Universe kept nagging me to abandon sedentary cerebral work and start using my body in my work. As this new vision of myself and my future work took shape, the idea of equine massage was born. I went looking for a reputable program, and whoa, full stop, when I fell on The Masterson Method ®. This modality totally resonated with my values and the sensitive, intuitive communications consultant that I was – the soft techniques, the respectful dialog with the horse, the fact that the horse has agency and we are but the facilitator. Before I could realize my dream, I needed to fill in some horsemanship gaps. With diligent work, my usual grit and self-confidence, and the support of my amazing Masterson champions, I certified in 2019 and am able today to embrace my vocation and help horses.”

Deanna serves a French- and English-speaking clientele – several breeds and disciplines – in Quebec and Eastern Ontario. She also contributes to the mission of a therapy organization by keeping its string of horses comfortable and able to do their job. She brings to this second career decades of corporate, academic and Life experience. A passionate, creative problem-solver, Deanna is drawn to and seems to attract owners seeking an equine professional who is willing to devote the time and energy required to resolve or at least shed light on their horse’s problems – in this, Deanna leaves no stone unturned. A team player, she works closely with vets and other equine professionals including collaborations with other bodyworkers. She is particularly interested in collecting and becoming proficient with different assessment methods. She loves to empower her clients through education and teaching them techniques to do between her visits.

Deanna spends a part of each week expanding her knowledge and adding tools to her toolbox.  Passionate about anatomy, she loves illustrating a point by recruiting her equine skeleton Dignity. While certifying in The Masterson Method®, she completed Saddlefit 4 Life’s 7-day equine ergonomist course, studied hoof trimming, shadowed a neuromuscular dentist and a few osteos – and stalked Jim multiple times. She has completed Photonic Health’s certification courses in Light-emitting Frequency Therapy using accupoints – she is currently completing fieldwork in this method and uses it in her practice, along with Sure Foot pads.

Text: FB Messenger or 514 942-0121