From an early age I have always been interested in the nature of both animals and humans and keeping them well, in the most natural way.

My studies have lead me mainly to the horse for his patience, grace and honesty. Through the horse I have discovered and understood the intrinsic and wonderful being that he is in mind and body.

The power of gentle touch, of listening with your hands, hearing the equine body, working on connective tissue to re-balance body and mind helps horses of all ages and disciplines.

I first discovered The Masterson Method®, an amazing form of integrated massage to help the horse relieve strains , stresses, tensions and restrictions in his body, whilst working with his natural instincts. I was totally hooked, and went on to qualify with Jim Masterson as a certified practitioner, which then led me to further study and knowledge of the importance of connective tissue and myo-fascia release, and how equine cranial-sacral therapy has helped many equines.

The results are always fulfilling and have become my life’s work, sharing the knowledge in France, Spain and Holland.

I live in France with my own equines, 3 geldings and Molly mule, who continues to teach and amaze me.