Beata’s passion for horses began at an early age. She rode as amateur showjumper until she acquired a horse whose challenges brought her to natural horsemanship. While studying natural horsemanship she became interested in horse behavior and horse psychology. She has been learning how to listen to what horses says, how to understand their behavior and how to read the smallest changes in their bodies ever since.

When Beata started to look for a professional equine’ bodywork course, she was immediately attracted by The Masterson Method® because of its psychological approach and interactive form of communication with horses. Thanks to the method she believes she can better help horses and bring out their full athletic potential. She can see how the method has changed the behavior of horses she has worked with and has made their lives easier.

In addition to being certified in The Masterson Method®, Beata is trained in natural hoof trimming. She has also worked with Karen Rohlf (dressage, naturally method), Linda and Pat Parelli (Beata achieved level 3 of Parelli certification) and offers help with the groundwork for horses.

Based in Warsaw, Beata is happy to travel to any location around Poland.