Rachael had been riding for most of her life when her first horse, Beau, was diagnosed with navicular. After conventional treatments failed, she was able to get Beau sound with the help of a knowledgeable barefoot trimmer.  This experience was significant in transforming Rachael’s relationship with horses.  Her focus changed from riding horses to helping them heal.  Rachael decided to go to school for barefoot trimming and hoof rehab in 2006.  This was the beginning of her journey helping horses.

As she gained more experience with rehabbing horses, she found that there was more to restoring soundness than simply balancing the hoof.  She recognized that when there is a problem in the feet, that there is often tension higher up in the body as a way of compensating for the imbalances below.

Rachael heard about The Masterson Method® and became curious about this “different” form of bodywork.  She decided to take a weekend course with the goal of learning just a few techniques to practice with her horses and those of her clients.  After the first day of class, she knew her plans had changed.  She saw how effective The Masterson Method® was at helping the horses release tension in their bodies.  She knew that this was something that could make a huge difference for the horses in her care. She made the decision that day that she wanted to become an MMCP and she started making plans to get certified.

Throughout her fieldwork, she practiced The Masterson Method® on her trimming clients’ horses. The feedback she got from both the horses and their owners was proof that she was on the right track.  The horses loved the work and the owners were noticing results – win win!

Rachael works with all types of horses, ponies and donkeys.  She also enjoys teaching owners some techniques that they can do on their own.

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