As all fairytales begin, she grew up on a farm with tons of animals, but no four-legged unicorn. Although she went horseback riding since she was 12 and truly fell in love with those animals “owning a horse” was not within the realm of possibility since “this is nonsense and nothing but work, a waste of money and frustration”. Also her wish to go into vet school was soon fading since everyone would tell her that girls can never pull a calf out of a cow. So – as everyone was expecting from her – she went to university for a more “down to earth” major – studying economics and international business and successfully fighting her way back into the vet business by building her career as a product manager for a medical device company focusing on endoscopy in veterinary medicine. So far, so good. But actually doing something good to the animal herself with her own hands was not part of the job description. 

After her Master’s, she started her own family and three kids became part of the crew making it even harder to focus on new horizons. However, whenever she was around horses, she felt “complete”. So, the fulfillment of her dream in her 30’s actually started the real journey for her. The name of the mare that she bought was Odysseia and this name says it all, the wandering began. When you go horseback riding since you are a kid, you think you know it all, but this Trakehner mare had such a strong character that Lissy was searching the internet of options to improve communication with her. This mare told her that “less is more” and that this is actually true – without any doubt. When stumbling over the Masterson Method®, she became curious and thrilled when she tried it on “Otti” realizing that it immediately worked to get a deeper connection. That’s when her Masterson journey began. She also found interest in osteopathy and started in a training program to become certified in veterinary osteopathy for physically helping animals herself. Understanding that everything is connected and helping the body to help itself was and is still fascinating her.

All Masterson Method® techniques rely on the use of very gentle and soft hands. It almost seems like much more than a coincidence that two accidents in her life broke both of her wrists and ruptured the scapholunate ligament, the main ligament in the carpus, leading to several surgeries and a significant weakness in her hands. This alone would have prevented her from going into equine therapeutics. However, the Masterson Method® techniques don’t ask for physical strength, stretch, force, leverage and probably caught her attention because of this fact even before she realized how powerful lightness can be.

Over time, she has gotten addicted to it. When you know what to look for, it almost becomes impossible to watch animals without analyzing their way of walking and behavior and to touch them without looking for responses in areas of probable tension and waiting for their releases. What fascinates her the most is this ONE moment in every first treatment when the horse realizes that you are actually reacting to their slightest responses and listening to what they have to say. Most often, they turn their head and directly look into your eyes with a mix of surprise, amazement and incredibleness. These moments are like a drug, because they are seriously touching heart and soul and create goose bumps. A very strong connection to the animals evolves that is THE reason why Lissy got so passionate about it.

Located right in the middle of Germany, Lissy became the first Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in the state of Thuringia. 

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