Stephanie’s connection with animals has been a constant source of joy in her life since her younger days. Her passion for horses began when she started to take english riding lessons as a young girl. She loved dressage and jumping. In high school Stephanie’s dream of having her own horse came true when she welcomed Derby into her life. Derby was a barrel racing horse and off barrel racing they went! Through many hours at the barn, Derby became her “heart horse”. Since then, she has taken up more western riding over the years, exploring some of the many disciplines available out there, and enjoying horses any way she can. 

While on a path to improve the well-being of one of her own, she was introduced to some amazing individuals who opened her eyes further into equine training and care which sparked her desire for further education. In her search for further knowledge, she came across the Masterson Method® and was intrigued by the gentle approach to equine bodywork. She was amazed by the results and eagerly embraced the opportunity to become a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner. 

Stephanie continues to be a life long learner in equine bodywork and of the horse. She has worked with many types of horses with various backgrounds and loves the diversity of the industry. She is based out of Rocky Mountain House, AB and willing to travel. 

Contact Information
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada