Amy pursued the sport of eventing from an early age before expanding into the horsemanship world. Her passion for pursuing further education led her to serve as head wrangler at an all-inclusive resort in Texas, start colts at a Warmblood breeding facility, and attend clinics with master horsemen around the country.

She has devoted the past decade to working for a training facility for rescued equines, with a strong emphasis on both physical and mental rehabilitation. This has given her hands-on experience with a wide variety of horses spanning all ages, breeds, and backgrounds.

When the pandemic started and life slowed down, Amy found herself able to slow down as well and pursue her passion for anatomy and bodywork. Her certification in the Masterson Method has provided a way for her to observe, listen, and give back to each horse. 

Amy’s goal is to combine straightness training and bodywork in a practical and individual approach, in order to help horses achieve balance and confidence while performing to the best of their ability. 

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Appleton, Maine, United States