Heather Hoffmann is a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner and owner of Alcatraz Equine Bodyworks, an equine bodywork service based in Northeast Indiana. A lifelong learner, she has always been interested in animal health and welfare, biomechanics, and the bond between horses and humans. After retiring from a 25+ year career in law enforcement, Heather turned her full focus to her true love of horses. With her passionate long-standing quest to further enhance horses’ quality of lives and performance, industry professionals encouraged her in the direction of Masterson Method®. One weekend seminar in 2019 with instructor Coralie Hughes, and she was hooked! Building trust and forging positive bonds and with animals is precisely where Heather’s strengths really shine. Thus, she was captivated by Masterson Method’s® ideology of using gentle touch to work with the horse in releasing tension through key junctions. She knew she had found her calling!

Heather possesses a genuine love of all animals, with a particular fondness for OTTBs. In fact, she is currently a board member for the thoroughbred rescue group, Friends of Ferdinand, LLC. She lives in northeast Indiana with her husband, Darrell, her infamous Samoyed dogs, Dublin and Donegal, and of course a few beloved OTTBs.

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