While Rebecca had always dreamed of spending time with horses from a young age, it wasn’t until she had settled down in the central interior of BC that one came her way. Her horse journey had her seeking help to connect with horses from Josh Nichol who emphasized the relationship as the base of training.

Rebecca shifted careers from working in the forest to massage therapy for humans. While she was in the program to become a Registered Massage Therapist, she wondered if there was some similar mindful approaches to horse massage as by this point she had two horses. After some searching on you tube, she discovered The Masterson Method, and found that the approach had a similar feeling to the horse training style, both which have listening as the foundation of the interactions.

Her joy for people and horses comes with empowerment and the blending of massage and general day to day interactions. Her knowledge that the owner can be a powerful tool for release of the horse, has inspired her to combine The Masterson Method® along with simple, but powerful releases through the halter, bridle and leg aids.


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Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada