Coming from a 20-year corporate background but with a passion for horses and natural horsemanship, Zoe is the first person to certify as a Practitioner of the Masterson Method™ in the United Kingdom.

Her interest in equine bodywork began as a result of unexplained physical challenges, discomfort and lameness issues in her own horse, leading her on a quest for answers, a journey of discovery – and to Jim Masterson!

With an early holistic interest, Zoe, Certified in Bi-Aura Healing Therapy and later combined her training of the Masterson Method™, with a study of Gait Abnormalities, Lameness and Biomechanics at Michigan State University, USA.

“Horses are incredible teachers. Lameness is often the final red-flag they can wave to let us know something is troubling them. If only we could be more astute at recognizing the many subtle signs they undoubtedly give, to alert our attention far sooner. Given all that we expect of them – they at very least, deserve for us to take the time and really listen.

The Masterson Method™ combines my interest in natural equine behavior, lameness, and biomechanics and provides a completely non-invasive approach to effectively releasing tension in areas of their body that they guide me to, through their own subtle responses. I continue to learn from each and every horse, am constantly inspired by their participation – and most importantly, always rewarded by the results!”

Zoe travels throughout the UK to work with horses.

Contact Information
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom