Horses have always captivated me. They embolden my spirit and remind me that a part of me has been alive for centuries. I was three years old and a little brown pony with blonde mane named Cricket started it all. From that moment on I have only grown more enamored. A few years ago I rescued an Anglo Arabian mare. Through the process of rehabbing her I discovered a passion for wanting to connect on a deeper level with horses. I became a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and studied Equine Acupressure. Somehow, I was still missing pieces to the puzzle. Then I discovered The Masterson Method®. Eureka! It brought everything together. The learning is a life long journey and the community is a blessing. But the biggest gift of knowing horses has been to be humbled by their generosity and strength. Being of benefit to them is where I have found one of life’s greatest treasures: joy.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States