Rosie’s love of horses started at a young age, back when children could spend their weekends helping-out at a riding stable from dawn to dusk, for the happy exchange of a free ride.  Life then got in the way until, like many, she was drawn back to the horse world as an adult, riding regularly, helping look after a friend’s horse, then sharing her own. To fulfill a need and desire to learn more, she achieved her BHS Stage 1 & 2 qualifications – the start of an intrigue to understand more about horses and the interaction we (humans) have with them.

In the meantime, she followed a career in Health and Fitness and was led to Pilates, energy work and human bodywork.  Teaching and treating human bodies for over 25 years, her work evolved to be centered around helping people out of chronic pain, addressing physical dysfunction, asymmetry and discomfort as well as helping to restore emotional balance, knowing that the two things are often inextricably linked. Her horse and human worlds started to overlap as she began exploring equine bodywork, searching for a holistic approach which would fall in line with her understanding of the power of listening touch and equine communication – so she was delighted to discover that the Masterson Method® has this in abundance!

The Masterson Method is a powerful, non-invasive way of releasing tension and restriction in the horse.  Practitioners work with the horse (rather than on the horse), following the horse’s subtle responses to touch, working with its nervous system to enable profound releases of physical and emotional stress – the horse fully participates in the process, informing and shaping the session.  No matter the horse’s discipline, age or ability, Masterson techniques can enhance performance and create relaxation, comfort and balance in the healthy horse.

Rosie never ceases to be amazed by the results gained through this holistic approach to equine bodywork – a relaxed, happy horse is a wonderful thing to see.

Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Rosie offers Masterson Method® sessions in South Bucks, Berks, Oxford and Herts area, although happy to travel further afield, if required.  In addition to equine bodywork, she also offers Clinical Bodywork and Pilates based exercise for horses’ humans, as well as Reiki and EFT.

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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom