Indeed, my journey began when I started hearing of this individual who had developed a genuine method for reducing tension and soreness in the horse while benefiting performance and the relationship. Prior to finding Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork, I felt my skills as a NBCAAM certified equine acupressurist and bodyworker were missing key pieces to truly validate the service I could offer.

When I first opened the pages of Jim’s book, I knew that I had landed where I needed to be to fulfill my goals of providing highly effective bodywork for my clients. The journey to become a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner has been enriching as I have developed strong connections with my mentors, coaches, and fellow students. The Masterson Method® techniques I have acquired are everything I was looking for to integrate with my eastern medicine acupressure education. My learning is ongoing as every new horse I meet teaches me more about lightness of touch, breath, and staying under the brace; tools that benefit all aspects of horsemanship.

As with many things, the more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn which led me to checking out the information video with Jim, Megan & Lise explaining the Masterson Method® Equine Specialist (MMES) course. Somewhere around 2.2 minutes into this short video I was hit big time that this was a path I needed to explore. Why?. The MMES program takes Masterson Method® Bodywork to a whole new level when working with horses in their Equine-Assisted Service (EAS) facilities. Horses in EAS programs face significantly different challenges than performance horses. These horses work hard giving both physical and emotional support to people from all kinds of backgrounds. I enjoy sharing these simple equine bodywork techniques with EAS program staff, volunteers and participants to help the horses release tensions which concurrently helps the participant.

Whether competitive, recreational, retired or rehabilitating, bodywork can help your horse reach their optimum ability. My services are intended to help horses of all disciplines, breeds, and ages interact in the process of healing themselves, along with proper holistic veterinary care. I never tire of seeing the responses of both horse and owner when the horse begins to actively participate in their bodywork session. Located on the American River Divide my practice serves the Sacramento and Tahoe foothill region of Northern California. In order to allow your horse to be the most comfortable I will come to your barn.

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