Kim was introduced to the Masterson Method® at the Minnesota Horse Expo a few years ago and was intrigued by the light touch and the deep responses noted in the horses. She has been expanding her horse education through the certification process in the Masterson Method®, while gaining insights from each horse along the way.

Kim’s horse experience began at a CHA certified horse camp in Minnesota, continued with Equine Vocational classes in high school, being a volunteer coordinator at an Equine / Hooved Animal rescue in IL for numerous years and being a horse owner for the past 20 years. Kim likes to broaden her awareness by attending various clinics and expos across the country. After experiencing a back injury from a riding accident, she was exposed to cranial sacral treatments, which aided her recovery. The injury exposed Kim to alternative modalities, including Reiki and Acupressure.

Most recently, Kim has used the Masterson Method® on her own horse to aid in recovery from a fall, which resulted in contracted back muscles. With the use of the Masterson Method®, she looks to put him back into riding work at 24 years old. Kim has identified the benefits of using the Masterson Method® on aiding in the well-being and maintenance of all types of horses, working at various performance levels. She is aware that each horse is an individual and releases come in many forms. Using the Masterson Method® has aided in understanding and developing a light touch to aid the horse in releasing the restrictions to aid that individual to return to normal range of movement.

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