Kimberly has always loved horses. Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, she was begging her parents from the time she could walk to let her pet any horse or donkey she saw. Lucky for her, her parents indulged this passion and frequently drove to visit friends that owned a horse ranch where she could hang out with horses all day. That eventually led to a part-lease on a pony and finally to owning a horse where Kimberly enthusiastically participated in pony clubs, pony games, low level jumping and classic flat work. 

Then there was a break from horses while Kimberly studied journalism and worked in corporate communications for several years. But she could never quite let go of her love for horses and when she and her husband moved to Switzerland for his work, Kimberly saw her chance to renew her horse passion. In Europe for 15 years, she embraced a life with horses. In Switzerland and France, she trained and competed regularly in dressage with her four warmbloods She started at the amateur first level and worked her way diligently up the ladder. An avid learner, she also frequently attended various training courses and travelled often to the U.K. to ride in clinics that focused on improving rider biomechanics. 

In 2016, she and her husband returned to Canada and brought with them two of their equine family members. The gelding settled in nicely, but the mare struggled. Wanting to help her horse find more comfort and security, Kimberly immersed herself in a journey that included following many in-person and online horsemanship courses, as well as reading numerous books about horse rehabilitation, biomechanics and welfare. Still seeking answers, she signed up for a weekend Masterson Method® workshop following a conversation with a friend who was attending. It was eye-opening and Kimberly found the answers that she needed to help her mare. That weekend led to a long-term love with the method and a regular practice with her own two horses. Not only did it help her mare, but Kimberly is convinced that the Masterson Method® combined with correct riding, groundwork and in-hand work also helped to keep her gelding healthy and sound well into his 20s. 

Then in 2022, she decided to pursue certification in the Masterson Method® so that she could start sharing her love of the program and help more horses regain freedom of movement and let go of both physical and mental tensions. She works on horses of all shapes and sizes, young and senior horses, some competing on the international circuits as well as many amateur trail companions. She considers herself a lifelong student of the horse and is committed to learning all that she can and working with horses to help them become the best versions of themselves. 

A client recently had this to say of Kimberly: “Wow! For the first time in a couple of years, my mare allowed the farrier to work on her back hooves. She is so much more calm and relaxed. Thank you so much Kimberly!” 

Contact Information
Lac-Brome (Knowlton), Quebec, Canada