Alessandra is a Craniosacral Therapist for many years and treats humans, dogs, and horses as well. In her lifetime experience, in which she was always surrounded by cats, dogs, and horses, she was fascinated about the way you can communicate with every animal with energy and body language. So she followed the path of many educations like Craniosacral Therapy, Horsemassage, TCM, Akupressurework, light therapy, kinesiological taping. Finally, she met James Masterson and The Masterson Method.

By occasion she got on a weekend course in Belgium and was electrified at once of The Masterson Method. Fascinated of the way Masterson Method is not only a fine horse-friendly method to release horses pain but a very horse-communicating method too. So she got on the certification path and followed James Masterson to Ireland and the UK. She learned so much more about horses and how they are hiding the pain. Horses are very good in hiding pain and they cannot give a sound when something is hurting but with Masterson Method, you can ask and get immediately respond and that is what the communicating part is, which is so fascinating to her. Every horse benefits from this Method, no matter, if you do dressage, showjumping, eventing, racing, hunting or just ride for leisure (and if wished, as she is a human therapist too, she can treat the rider as well).

In the meanwhile she works together with two veterinarians, to make sure, if there are some deeper hidden problems, that a vet is there to clear up, if wished.

Alessandra works a lot with dressage horses and show jumpers, but every horse benefits from The Masterson Method. Alessandra is happy, now that she is a Masterson Method practitioner, to offer The Masterson Method to every horse around Austria. Alessandra is based in Vienna but travels around.