Originally from the UK, I have loved and kept horses from a young age. A passion of mine has always been helping animals have a voice and wanting to somehow make a difference.     That’s why in 2009, I traveled to Australia to follow my dream of working as a zoo keeper at Steve Irwin’s Australia zoo, teaching people about the importance of wildlife conservation.

After a break to have a family of my own, horses found their way back into my life when upon an extended trip to the UK, I became a BHS stage 2 groom and here is where I found out about the Masterson Method®.

I knew I wanted to make a difference in horses lives somehow and when I saw Jim work with a horse, it resonated with me so deeply, I then attended a weekend seminar and 5 day in the UK and the rest is history!

I am currently back in Queensland, Australia, servicing the Sunshine Coast region with Masterson Method® bodywork.  My passion and dream still is to try and make a difference.  I have now found a way.

I am proud to be a Masterson Method® instructor, coach and mentor to help teach owners and practitioners this wonderful gentle form of bodywork so they can help connect, read and listen to their horses, helping release tension and improve performance not just physically but also mentally– working with the horse, not just on the horse.   Making the world a better place for these animals that make ours better in return.

Contact Information
Eumundi, Queensland, Australia