As a science and research enthusiast (“nerd”) I have been fascinated by the workings of the body and how it heals.  I have worked with humans as a physical therapist and then became a trauma researcher and instructor.  Then came the horses…  My passion for horses is diverse: I enjoy riding, whether it is on trails in this beautiful part of Ohio, or in the arena.  My horses have also been diverse.  I have a commitment to rescued horses, and now a herd of them.  As a result, I studied the various healing modalities that exist, my horses needed a lot of help.  I became an equine massage therapist.  I discovered Jim Masterson’s book and became curious.  I struggled with the techniques so went to the weekend course.  I was fascinated, then determined to learn this method, a combination of science and art.  Several years later I am now certified as an MMCP.  All my interests have come full circle – I remain fascinated by the workings of horses, helping them heal and so, of course, helping humans who are committed to the health of their horses.  It is both an honor and a delight to see horses respond to my efforts with improved comfort, relaxation, movement and performance.

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