Holly Sharman graduated from Bristol University with a BSc Hons in Biochemistry in 1997. Always a keen rider and competitor, she represented her Pony Club in numerous teams throughout her teens and was a working pupil for event rider Terry Boon in university holidays grooming at major one and three day events including Badminton Horse Trials.

During her time with horses she has come in to contact with many different equine therapies and indeed it was her own equine physiotherapist who first introduced Holly to the Masterson Method. Having seen the beneficial effect on her own horse, this convinced her to enter the training program to become a Masterson Method certified practitioner.

Having completed the training successfully to qualify as a certified practitioner Holly retains a particular interest in equine physiology and anatomy and how it affects performance. To this end Holly is continuing her education in this regard to further her knowledge and expertise. Holly regards The Masterson Method, with its ethos of co-operative work with the horse and the requirement of active participation of both parties, as one of the most effective treatments to keep horses either at the top of their game or to help with recovery from injury.

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Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom