Silvia (German Equestrian Federation (FN)-licenced riding trainer, equine osteopath) and her husband Stefan have been running their own riding stable since 1998, where Silvia dedicates herself to working with horses and their riders. Her main focus is on helping the horses to become truly straight and relaxed, thereby enabling them to move forward freely in all gaits. Silvia has long been aware that behaviour problems in horses are mostly due to the horse’s way of expressing physical and/or emotional discomfort and not to having a “bad character” or not wanting to cooperate with his or her rider. She also knows from experience that there are performance issues that are very difficult, some even impossible, to resolve when riding the horse – even with the gentle nature of her style of riding. So she was always on the lookout for some modality that she could additionally use to overcome certain problems. In 2014 Silvia first saw Jim’s book and DVD, Beyond Horse Message. She taught herself the basics and went off to Switzerland to attend her first Masterson weekend-seminar. Silvia knew instantly that she had finally found what she had been looking for: this powerful tool provided the missing link which would help her gain access to areas the horses sometimes would not or could not let her access when riding, including the deep psoas muscles that are so important both for ridden work and emotional balance in horses. In her opinion, The Masterson Method® can release tension in areas that no other modalities can address. The Masterson Method® has since then played an integral part in Silvia’s daily work with horses. She looks forward to using this method both to help horses to feel more comfortable in their bodies and to assist their owners in developing a better understanding of and relationship with their horses. Silvia is based near Giessen (Hessen) and is happy to travel to any location in Germany (plus any German-speaking region abroad).

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