Allison has had a love affair with animals since the very beginning and this grew into a great passion and love for the most sentient beings on the planet.
Giving back to Horses! For Allison, this work has opened many doors- a new growth and commitment to helping horses in a compassionate way.

The Masterson Method has proven to be an essential tool in her equine bodywork business. MM truly helps to promote trust in the horse and creates a work environment that is respectful of the being inside the horse’s body. Not to mention creating a stronger bond between guardians and their equine partners.
As a Pilates Instructor, the work comes naturally to her focusing on how the equine body can function optimally in the most efficient way. Bodywork can help equines realize their strength, natural potential, and unrestricted movement patterns they were born with.

Allison is also certified in Equine Structural Integration and has experienced consistent positive results and achieved her goals of helping horses through pain and discomfort. When horses are comfortable in their bodies they will gain more confidence, athletic willingness, joy and playfulness. The results are easy to see not to mention rewarding and are tremendously important to the vitality of the equine bringing out the strength and promise in each horse.

Allison lives in the beautiful high desert of Bend, OR with her husband and herd of four-legged kids. Phone consultations are always welcome as she would love to hear all about your horses!


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