Julianna, aka Julie, has a lifelong story with horses. Her mom bought their first family pony when Julie was just 2 years old. She grew up with horses participating in pony club through high school, eventing, fox hunting and dabbled in local 4H shows. Julie has kept her avid interest in horses through her adulthood and managed to pass her passion for horses and all equine sports on to her daughter Emily who also grew up in the pony club world with a focus on all aspects of eventing.

In 2001 Julie’s equine veterinarian was out for some routine work with her horse and the topic of working for him came up casually in conversation. As a well known equine veterinarian with the largest practice in Southern New Hampshire, she jumped on the opportunity and credits him for exposing her to alternative modalities of treatments for horses. One of his specialties was chiropractic and acupuncture. This field interested Julie tremendously but without a veterinary  background this wasn’t an option.

In 2013 Julie bought a young Connemara cross to bring along for her daughter. Training started out smoothly but hit some rocky spots as Emily began to push the horse to higher levels of competition. In 2019 Julie became a certified equine sports massage therapist in order to help her own horse who had significant body challenges. She started her own business, Leg Up Equine Massage, and very quickly developed a large client base in both southern NH and northern Massachusetts. 

Julie continued pursuing education knowing she had only scratched the surface. After receiving training and certifications in myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, red light therapy and became a SURE FOOT Practitioner and a Bemer distributor,  she still felt as though she was missing a big piece. In May of 2021 she attended her 2 day Masterson workshop, came home and practiced on her own horses. She was certain she had found the missing piece in learning how to read and help horses. Julie achieved her MMCP in February of 2023. She lives in Derry and her territory is essentially about an hour in any direction of Derry, New Hampshire.

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Derry, New Hampshire, United States