Solveig has been around horses her entire life.  Her mother raised Arabians in the 70’s and 80’s and the whole family rode together on the trails.  When she took over her mom’s farm in 2001, Solveig switched gears from hot-bloods to cold and started a Norwegian Fjord breeding program.  She spent her year raising kids, training, riding, exploring various disciplines, and eventually teaching.  The more horses and people she encountered the more she wanted to help horses and riders/drivers/owners have better relationships, and be sounder, healthier, and happier in their partnerships.  

To that end she became a certified yoga instructor in 2016, a reiki practitioner in 2021, and then discovered the Masterson Method® shortly thereafter.  She started using it on her own horses and then, seeing the huge benefits, jumped in feet-first to the clinics and certification in 2022.  Solveig’s husband, Rogelio Hernandez, is a farrier, and horse health, soundness, and happiness is not just their jobs, but their entire life-style. Solveig offers body-work and reiki sessions in Eastern Washington (Spokane area) and will also travel outside of area for barns/groups.  Contact her for more information!

Contact Information
Clayton, Washington, United States