After a childhood of lessons and sharing a young thoroughbred with her sister, Barbara began working in the horse industry in the early 80’s. She has worked at thoroughbred breeding farms, dressage and H/J show /sale barns and thoroughbred racetracks in Maryland and California. Exercising and grooming these hard-working animals gave Barbara a strong desire to help these horses stay fit and feel good.

Beginning in the early 90’s she attended several Linda Tellington-Jones clinics and the quest was on to find modalities that would see the horse as a partner and include methods of improving their wellbeing. After attending a Masterson Method® weekend workshop several years ago she knew this was truly a method that filled those requirements. She is delighted to be certified as a Masterson Method® practioner and living in the San Francisco bay area that has almost as many horses as it does people.

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Belmont, California, United States