Samantha’s intuitive gifts and four decades of equine knowledge blend perfectly with the Masterson Method’s unique form of bodywork. Initially drawn to the modality after observing its healing effects on a friend’s mare, Samantha resolved to immerse herself in the study and complete the certification process. An accomplished Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, (MMCP) her experience with a wide variety of disciplines (including racing, polo, driving, eventing, endurance, and hippotherapy) provides added insight and context to each session. A dedicated ambassador of the method, she coaches fieldwork students, assists in seminars and workshops, and encourages owners to develop their own skills. Her favorite teaching tool is Slim-Z, a zebra skeleton that travels with her whenever possible. An active volunteer, she supports dog rescue, equine therapy, living history, and multiple neighborhood causes. She and her family (two and four-legged) recently purchased a historic Colonial property and are excited to become its latest stewards.

Samantha offers reasonable travel rates for visits to clients and students who live beyond her immediate service area.


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