As a horse owner, I have always looked to find reward-based training methods and tried to work with my animals rather than dictate to them.  When I was introduced to the Masterson Method® I was intrigued as to how you could work with a horse in order to improve and maintain performance.  After seeing the benefits to my own horses, I decided to begin my own Masterson Method journey, by attending the weekend course followed by the 5 day course.  This in turn led me to decide that I wanted to become a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner.  As a MMCP I really feel it allows me to listen to the horse, so I am able to work with them rather than do to them.  This in my opinion really does improve results as well as improving my relationship with the horses I treat.

Areas covered: West Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, West Wiltshire

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Bucklebury, Berkshire, United Kingdom