Daniela loves animals since her childhood and learned to ride horses when she was six years old. For many years she was content with caring for her horse, dogs and rabbits in a ‘normal’ way. Four years ago, however, she decided she wanted to do more. After considering some alternatives she attended a three year long training to become a craniosacral therapist for humans and animals.

During the last year of craniosacral training her friend Anissa, who already was a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, told her she really had to attend a Masterson Method® Weekend Course, because this would change her whole way of seeing horses. Not quite believing this, Daniela nevertheless took the course and – her way of reading the reactions of horses changed completely. She benefited a lot from the two days and her horse also did. So after the Advanced 5-Day Course she was ready to go ahead and take part in the Certification Program.

Daniela is happy to treat all horses from Grand Prix Dressage horses to Haflingers who work with children in a riding school. To help these horses to release tension is a great gift in her eyes and makes her happy every time she does a treatment.

She is located south of Vienna, but travel arrangements can be made.