Born and raised in Germany, Nadine’s love of horses was first sparked, when she spent one of her school holidays at a stable where she learned the basics around horse care and riding. She started training under Hubertus Schmidt, who went on to become an accomplished Olympian Dressage rider. When the opportunity arose for her father to rescue an abandoned Pony Nadine and her sister had their dream come true to own their first Pony.

Dressage and Showjumping were the main areas of focus during that time and the special connection with the horses of course.

A few years after moving to New Zealand, her mother’s home country, Nadine immersed herself in studying Animal Homeopathy for 4 years, then on to Equine Craniosacral and from there diverged slightly to qualify as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist for Humans. Fast forward a few years to the day when one of her human clients happened to be a riding instructor who asked her to work with one of the Grand Prix Showjumping Ponies she was supporting.

Somehow this experience rekindled the desire and motivation to help horses in a more profound way, leading to further studies specifically in the Equine field (Neuro-Myofascial Release, Kinesio Taping). During this time she also stumbled across one of The Masterson Method, YouTube videos. Being absolutely fascinated by the whole concept and way of working with the horse, she tried it straight away and found it matched exactly what she had been looking for all these years.

Becoming the first Certified MM Practitioner in New Zealand is certainly an accomplishment she is proud of. One of her goals is to spread awareness about The Masterson Method around New Zealand. She is available for Demos and Bodywork by arrangement, to inspire others to use and study this amazing modality for the benefit of our horses.

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