Now certified in Masterson Method® (MMCP), as well as Equine Craniosacral Therapy (ECST, RCST) and Shiatsu (MRSS T) my technique is hands-on, non invasive, and therapeutic. It is considered helpful with both physical and behavioral health issues in the horse and forms part of preventative therapy for the equine athlete, helping to maintain good health, aiding in speedy recovery from injury, illness and behavioral issues.

The Masterson Method® is a valuable addition to my equine practice. With a lifelong passion for horses, anatomy and biomechanics, I am pleased to integrate skills acquired over 20 years of human bodywork with equine bodywork, finding many are transferable. Being guided by the horse’s response we can visibly see and feel them release tension as they show us areas needing work. It is very rewarding for both horse and practitioner.

From a young age I was inspired by time with the horses on visits to my family in Scotland who brought over the Appaloosa from Argentina and whose part bred American Quarterhorses were then all reared in Argyll. Since then, and my first pony, I have ridden on the Argentine pampas with gauchos, on trails in Scotland and Spain, and helped exercise event horses at home in Wiltshire. I also have an interest in natural horsemanship.

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Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom