I love the Masterson Method® for the energetic connection it requires between the horse and me.  Putting the pieces of their communication together and being a voice for the horse to improve how they feel and perform is so rewarding.  

My bodywork journey has included traditional equine massage, cranio sacral work, PEMF, cold laser, physio pads and saddle fit mapping. I love working on high performance competition horses as well as those in regular riding/training or recovery programs. Working as a team with owners, riders, trainers, veterinarians, osteopaths, farriers, saddle and bit fitters can benefit the horse profoundly.  

I have ridden and competed with horses for almost 30 years, enjoying trail riding, western pleasure, jumping, polo-crosse, driving and dressage. I have a warmblood mare who has recovered from a fractured pelvis with the help of Masterson bodywork, and continues to climb the USDF dressage levels. I look forward to working with you and your horses! I travel the east coast of Lake Michigan from Green Bay to Racine and west through the Fox Valley region. 

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