Sarah first started riding at the age of eight and shortly after her auntie gave her a pony that she had rescued from the meat man, her name was Pasha, she was a nine-year-old New Forest pony and so began a lifelong passion! After leaving school, then in possession of two ponies, the other one a Connemara called Rocky also rescued by her auntie; she started working in a racehorse training yard in Epsom; she loved working with these beautiful thoroughbreds, riding them out every day, taking them racing and their general care. After five years in the racing industry, she left to pursue a career as a paramedic and completed a BSc and MSc. Throughout her life she has never been without two, sometimes three horses including an Anglo Arab, a Thoroughbred cross, two Haflingers and most recently two ex-racehorses. Sarah says that her key learning point from a life spent with horses is that she is always learning! “The quieter you are with them and the more you listen to them, the more they can tell you and the more you can learn”. Sarah’s herd has found a home with her for life and has enriched her life more than words can describe. Sarah found The Masterson Method® whilst trying to get to the route of why her ex-racehorse Rita kept throwing her off. She read Jim Masterson’s book but greedy for more attended the weekend course becoming hooked and then embarking on the Masterson journey and enjoying every minute of it until finally certifying. Sarah loves the way that this method works with the horse; “you have to be quiet and listen to them to find where their areas of tension and discomfort are and then with gentle maneuvers achieve huge releases”. After almost 30 years in a very highly stressed job, Sarah decided to return to working with horses where she is at her happiest.

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Worcester Park, Surrey, United Kingdom