Clare comes from a farming background and lives with her husband in Il Bissel, Kajiado in Kenya.

Clare has been involved and has had horses all her life.  In 2015, she was struggling with her two top horses as one had an accident as a youngster and the other one had physical difficulties.  Neither of the two horses had their difficulties resolved by other bodywork modalities.

When she heard of The Masterson Method®, she was curious and after attending the Weekend Seminar and the Advanced 5-Day Course in the UK, she decided to do the Fieldwork courses to obtain the certification as Masterson Method Practitioner. When she did her case studies with these two horses, she was amazed to see how they improved physically and in performance.  Both horses have continued on in their competition and have done well.

She is always keen to keep learning and has trained in several other modalities including Sports Massage, Chiropractor, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, and Donna Eden Energy Work.

Clare is now a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner and enjoys working on horses of all ages and from all disciplines.


Contact Information
Il Bisel, Kajiado, Kenya