Interestingly I’m not one of those riders that started early on. In the summer of 2010 I was going to meet a friend, but she decided to go on a trail ride so I accompanied her to the barn. When we walked in I instantly locked eyes with the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, my future horse Daniel. He said hello and had me in a bind. That’s how my journey with horses, horseback riding and horsemanship started. 

Originally an actress I’ve always been very focused, a fast learner, an observer, a thinker, highly empathetic. After more than 20 years in show business I have decided to add on another career I’ve always been interested in. The animal health industry. I became a Certified Veterinary Assistant, worked in a small animal hospital for a couple of years, but was eager to further my education and start working with horses. 

I was introduced to the Masterson Method® in 2019. I did both my Weekend and 5-day with Sandy Vreeburg in CA, then covid hit. Valissa Willwerth in NJ helped me with a refresher coaching before I moved on to Fieldwork. My mentor and coach through all 3 Blocks was Walter Saxe in Germany. To make it a full circle I headed back to California for my Certification Completion Course with Sandy again. Unfortunately Daniel passed away a month before I got certified, but his legacy and spirit carries on in my work. 

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