Since I was a young girl, I have felt a love for and a connection with horses. Unfortunately, I only got to take one year of riding lessons when I was an early teen and rode occasionally in my later teen years. In my early 20’s, I emigrated to the USA from the Netherlands and entered a long career in healthcare. It was not until my home was an empty nest that I returned to riding, finding the connection with horses an important way of dealing with work stress and burn out, particularly in the COVID years. 

Two years after starting to ride again, I bought my first horse. Green on green but with a good trainer on board, we were going to be okay. Joyfully and ravenously, I learned as much as I could in terms of anything horse related. Now, no longer green, the desire to learn more and understand more has not lessened. It was in the Fall of 2021 that I first became exposed to the Masterson Method® of Integrated Bodywork. It has made a huge difference in the wellbeing and performance of my horse, and seeing what impact this method has on a horse, I went from being intrigued to being completely convinced of the difference it can make. I signed up for the 2-day “Beyond Horse Massage” weekend in March 2022, followed by the “Advanced 5-day Course” in May of 2022, and completed my Certification as MMCP August 5-7, 2023. 

This method of integrated bodywork affects not only the horse, but also the rider, and the owner. Principles such as “The softer the eye, the more you see; the softer the touch, the more you feel” leave an indelible mark on every aspect of equine and equestrian relationships. The principle of yielding to resistance so that there is no longer anything to brace against, and relaxation occurs allowing for release of tension and restrictions forms the basis for well-being and harmony in most if not all things. I love working with horses, whether high performance athletic horses, horses providing enjoyment on the trails, or horses in other types of work. This method really helps the horse feel and move better as it helps the horse to release tension, stiffness, and restrictions. 

I love working with rescue horses, therapy horses, and those horses who have retired from work but still benefit greatly from being touched, emotionally connected, and physically helped to feel better. I love showing owners and riders, young and old, some of the techniques we use so that they deepen their connection with their own horses. All horses deserve at least a Bladder Meridian technique experience and a team of people who genuinely care for them. I am based in Raleigh, NC, but can travel throughout Wake and surrounding counties. 

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