My love affair with horses came early as a child.  They were large magical beasts that I could love unabashedly and feel completely free around – all in the context of riding here and there. We moved around a lot and owning one was never a reality.  But I was fascinated with them – their stories, their wildness and power of being.

Fast forward into a corporate world looking for a volunteer event, I stumbled upon a website for Halleck Creek Ranch – a therapeutic horseback riding facility.  I packed up our crew and we drove 45 minutes to wash troughs, tack boxes, helmets and such.  It was a hot day of 104F but I could not have been happier – I had found a slice of heaven on earth. I volunteered there every weekend for years – side walking, or leading – helping with horse care, etc. And as I did, I began my journey on the ground with these horses in service – many on their 3rd and 4th “careers”.  And as I walked beside them, I began to marvel at their ability to be in such service to their riders – clearly communicating on another level.  Over time I became aware of some of the discomforts that each animal worked hard to mask, and I started to wonder if there was something that a human CMT (certified massage therapist) could do for these horses who gave so much.

Thus began my search which led me to the Masterson Method® website – and while beholding the image of Jim Masterson cradling a horse’s head in his arms, I knew I had “come home”.  I jumped into the trainings and fieldwork wholeheartedly and have been rewarded with the opportunity to partner with equines throughout the Bay Area as I continued my journey in becoming a Masterson Method ® Certified Practitioner and an advocate for the wellbeing of the horse.  I am honored and excited to collaborate and partner with the existing “horse care” teams that every owner assembles for their trusted steeds.  I have come to believe that they truly teach us about intimacy, authenticity, love and friendship and we owe them a great deal – the least of which is to find ways to provide greater ease, comfort and well-being.

Whether needing recovery from trail, gymkhana or show, or just the desire to provide greater ongoing comfort – every horse can benefit from the Masterson Method ® and the relaxation and tension reduction it provides. As one of my clients shared: “I am glad you came. I have been lucky to have her about 14 years now, and she deserves to feel comfortable as she heads into her golden years. You make her life better.”

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