Cathy Koetsier has loved horses as long as she can remember, and horsemanship, horse care, horse communication, horse behaviour, and the power of horse-human interaction are among her favourite subjects. Cathy enjoys teaching and has been involved with education for many years, so it is not surprising that she finds her current role as a MM student mentor deeply satisfying. She has a particular interest in facilitating and supporting learning and growth through interaction with horses. Because horses are very sensitive to body language and to the feel or energy of a person, they are uniquely equipped to help people explore and understand themselves better and become more congruent. Cathy has participated in many of Ingela Larsson Smith’s ‘True Connection’ courses, and has been to Brazil to teach horsemanship with her charity, ‘Horses for Orphans’. She is also a qualified ‘Think Like A Pony’ instructor.

She writes: ”I love horses. Love them with a deep, crazy, life motivating passion. I have done so for as long as I can remember. But growing up in a non-horsy family meant that I hardly ever got anywhere near a horse. On those rare occasions that I did, I would rub my hands all over the horse’s neck and then try my best to avoid washing them so that I could continue to breathe in that elusive fragrance between my cupped hands for as long as possible. With such a history it is not surprising that I have ended up with a life that revolves around touching horses. But don’t worry, I do wash my hands these days!”