Having grown up as ‘just a kid with a horse’, the relational aspect was what my memories of those years held.  When I returned to the horse world, I still sought relationship more than the ride.  Upon hearing someone at a barn mention the Bladder Meridian and then researching the Masterson Method®, I was intrigued by the search, response, stay, release aspect…relationship rediscovered!  I felt like I found my herd.  

I am a PATH certified ESMHL and volunteer at a Therapeutic Riding barn where we have EAL and EAP.  As we all know, horse and human interactions whether on the ground or in the saddle come with a give and a take both physically and emotionally for both the horse and human.  I feel like the Masterson Method helps the balance of that give and take.  

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States