Even as a young girl I was fascinated by horses. On all family vacations, no horse farm could be missing. At the age of 10, we siblings got two ponies. When they became too small, an Oldenburg gelding joined the family. Faithfully he accompanied us for many years.
In 2015, I fell in love with a little black filly. She always came to me from her family herd: my dream horse.

As a yearling she had a pasture accident, the cuts and bruises were deep and required intensive treatment several times a day, this strengthened our bond. During this time I learned that horses in pain seek and allow help where they find trust.

The beginning of my Masterson journey started with a weekend course in October 2019. It was a gift from my mother and my sister – the idea was given to them by my friend Marion. After the first day it was clear to me: this is exactly what I want to learn. The intensive work with the horses just grabbed me. It was impressive to watch how the horses got involved and enjoyed it.

When my now 6-year-old mare showed strong reactions, including bucking/climbing, when preparing to be ridden and these reactions were absolutely new to me, we immediately went searching and found a change in the cervical spine. The findings encouraged me even more to learn this method. If we listen to our horses, they show us where to look.

In the subsequent Advanced 5-day course in the summer of 2020, I experienced an incredible amount. After that, I was even more certain that I wanted to take The Masterson Method® even further and get certified. I successfully completed the Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner (MMCP) training in May 2021.

My life has been changed by The Masterson Method®. It is fascinating to feel what I can achieve with small movements in relaxation with the horses and how they trust me and let go.

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