Kim always had a true connection with horses, since she was a little girl. Growing up in Southern California, is where it all started. Having fun, riding and creating good relationships with horses, really all animals. 


While growing up, Kim’s family moved often throughout her childhood, this in turn moved her further from horses. As time went by, school, work and other relationships took over her time and focus.


She pursued a career in the graphics and advertising industry for 25 plus years. Eventually she came to the conclusion it was time for a change. Kim was looking for a new start in her life, to find a way to work with animals and spend more time outdoors. Getting back to the basics she knew as a kid. This began her quest in learning about different animal modalities and services that were available.


She stumbled across a Horse Training and Management Program in Colorado near her home, while at the Horse Expo in Denver. Realizing after all this time, horses were the missing link in her life. She pursued this horse certification and gradually transitioned from an office job into her new business as a mobile horse trainer and equine management professional, continuing for over 12 years. Meanwhile, staying a student of the horse, exploring new classes and modalities, to gain more education about the horse and the horse industry. 


Kim met Jim Masterson at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, in Denver Colorado. Watching him work with a horse, she was intrigued. She signed up for his weekend workshop and shortly after that realized this was a powerful tool to help her support the horse. Kim continued The Masterson Method training and completed her Certification in 2019. Kim is proud to say she is a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner, dedicated to offering bodywork sessions to horses in Colorado.


Out of all the modalities Kim has studied she said, “The Masterson Method resonated with me the most. While working with the horse, I could feel and see the positive changes along the way, getting a unique connection while working with the horse.”


Kim’s mission now, is to help horses through bodywork, and to support the horse in the most positive way possible. Helping the owner with additional tools to support their horse. She is offering Masterson Method bodywork for horses, to support relaxation, vitality, health, and performance. 


As Always, working for the “Welfare of the Horse.” 

Kimberly J Hollstein – KJ Brand Equine Services

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